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Base & Lid Style Printed Luxury Boxes

Base & lid luxury boxes or rigid 2-piece boxes, consists of 2 distinct components: a sturdy base plus removable lid that fits perfectly over the base

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What are Base and Lid Custom Luxury Boxes?

Our base and lid luxury boxes, often called custom rigid two-piece boxes, consist of two distinct components: a sturdy base and a removable lid that fits perfectly over the base. This fully customisable design allows for secure closure while exuding an air of sophistication. The base provides a foundation for the product, while the lid serves as both protection and a canvas for showcasing the brand's identity through various printing and customisation options.


Materials and Customisation

The allure of our custom base and lid luxury boxes is in their design and the array of materials and customisation choices available. Brands can select from a wide range of premium materials such as rigid chipboard, speciality papers, velvet, or even leatherette to craft a box that embodies their brand essence.

The customisation possibilities are nearly limitless. Brands can personalise every box aspect, from its dimensions to the colour, texture, and finish. Embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, and intricate patterns are just a few customisation techniques that enhance the box's visual appeal and reinforce the luxury experience.

Benefits of Base and Lid Custom Luxury Boxes

Applications of Base and Lid Luxury Boxes

Base and lid luxury boxes find their place across a diverse spectrum of industries and products, including:

In conclusion, base and lid custom luxury boxes offer a packaging solution that seamlessly blends luxury, protection, and visual delight. With their versatile materials and customizable features, these boxes become an extension of the brand's story, leaving a lasting impression on customers. By investing in base and lid luxury boxes, brands demonstrate their commitment to delivering a remarkable customer experience that speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence.

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