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Folding Box with Magentic Snap Shut Printed Luxury Boxes

Printed folding box board is a premium quality paperboard that boasts a balanced combination of strength and flexibility.

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Discovering Printed Folding Box Board

Folding box board is a premium quality paperboard with balanced strength and flexibility. It's specifically engineered to be foldable without compromising its structural integrity, making it an excellent choice for creating intricate and visually appealing packaging designs. This material offers a unique canvas for brands to showcase their products with a touch of luxury while ensuring a convenient packaging experience for customers.


Material Features and Customisation

Folding box board stands out for its remarkable features and customization potential. Brands can choose from various thicknesses and finishes to create a package that aligns perfectly with your vision. The smooth surface of the folding box board offers an ideal backdrop for various printing techniques, allowing for high-resolution graphics, vibrant colours, and exquisite detailing.

The customisation possibilities are extensive. You can dictate the dimensions of the box, select the finish (matte, glossy, or soft-touch), and incorporate finishing touches like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and spot UV coatings. These customisation options elevate the aesthetics of the custom packaging, creating a unique and captivating unboxing experience.

Benefits of Folding Box Board Packaging

Applications of Folding Box Board Packaging

Folding box board packaging finds its place across diverse industries and products, including:


In conclusion, custom folding box board packaging represents a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Its unique foldable nature and extensive customisation options give brands a canvas to communicate their identity and values while delivering a remarkable unboxing experience. By utilizing folding box board printed packaging, brands demonstrate their commitment to offering an exceptional presentation that resonates with customers and leaves a lasting impression of sophistication and quality.

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