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Scenting Success In a World of Premium

Creating a memorable first impression is essential in the world of premium home fragrances. That's why when a distinguished home fragrance brand, known for its exquisite scents approached us, we knew we had a unique opportunity to make their packaging as exceptional as their products.

The Initial Brief:

The customer had a clear vision - they wanted box packaging that would protect their delicate glass bottles and diffusers and communicate their brand's luxury and sophistication. Their packaging needed to be a tactile extension of their beautifully crafted scents, a testament to the sensory experience they offered.

Consultation and Collaboration:

Our journey began with in-depth consultations. We needed to understand the brand's identity and the emotions their scents invoked in their customers. We collaborated closely with the marketing team to gain insights into their unique fragrances, target audience, and packaging preferences.

Designing Elegance:

With a clear understanding of their vision, our team of skilled designers embarked on the design phase. We explored various concepts, delving into a world of premium materials, captivating finishes, and enchanting colour palettes. The challenge was creating a packaging design that showcased the products and elevated the overall experience.
Our designers presented multiple concepts carefully crafted to reflect the brand's essence. They suggested intricate embossing, subtle spot UV coating, and rich metallic accents that would give the packaging a premium and inviting allure.

Visualization and Refinement:

We created detailed digital proofs to ensure the client's expectations were met precisely. These allowed the customer to see how their custom packaging would look and feel in a digital environment before production. The visualizations enabled them to make necessary refinements, ensuring every detail aligned with their brand's aesthetic.

Tangible Excellence:

Before moving to full-scale production, we meticulously crafted physical samples of the custom packaging. These samples allowed the customer to experience the quality and appeal firsthand. It was a crucial step to fine-tune the design, materials, and finishing touches.

The Grand Reveal:

With the design perfected, our team commenced production, employing precision craftsmanship and premium materials to bring the custom packaging to life. The final result was spectacular - custom packaging that exuded luxury and sophistication, ready to house their exquisite scents.

Delivery of Luxury:

The custom packaging was thoughtfully packed and delivered to the customer, ready to house their premium home fragrances. The unboxing experience was enchanting, a sensory journey that complemented the olfactory delights within. The brand’s customers were captivated by the scents and the exquisite packaging that spoke volumes about the brand's commitment to luxury. Ultimately, our partnership with this customer wasn't just about creating packaging; it was about elevating the brand's identity, enhancing the customer experience, and ensuring that every aspect of their product exuded excellence. At, we take pride in being part of this journey, from concept to delivery, because we know that in the world of premium home fragrances, the packaging is as important as the scents themselves.

Thank you for the absolutely stunning boxes you supplied us. We can now sell our products at a higher premium which covers the cost of the boxes and leaves room for additional margin!
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