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Custom Luxury Boxes

At Custom Luxury Boxes, we provide brands with the highest quality product packaging designed to protect and enhance your product while offering customers a memorable unboxing experience.

Our wide range of styles, colours and materials ensures a unique box that helps you stand out from the crowd. Our dedicated experts will work with you to create the perfect luxury packaging, from recyclable to reusable, from simple to extravagant; we'll ensure your box will amplify your brand messages and delight your customers.

Help your products stand out from the crowd with luxury packaging

We are a full-service packaging company dedicated to providing high-quality, beautiful packaging for you and your products.

We have one mission: to deliver you outstanding packaging for your products with great service.

Why you should choose us for your luxury packaging

Any size & spec available for your boxes

Any Size & Spec

Full design service available for your boxes

Full Design

Fast turnaround of your boxes and delivery included

Fast Turnaround
& Delivery

We can hold stock of your boxes for you

We can hold
stock for you

We offer delivery of your boxes to you

Deliver to you

Your Custom Gift Box Experts

Printed Luxury Boxes is the leading supplier of custom luxury gift boxes in the UK. 

With an extensive range of styles and colours, your customised gift boxes are limited only by your imagination. Our dedicated team of packaging experts will enhance your brand with the highest quality graphics and beautifully reusable functionality. From home fragrances to fine jewellery, our boxes will add a special touch to your luxury and premium products, providing superior packaging quality and an experience that your customers will remember.  They will work with you to ensure that the size and type of box perfectly protect and display your products by helping you select the materials that best support the overall look and feel you're aiming for.

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Folding Boxes

Folding Boxes

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder Boxes

Cabinet Boxes

Cabinet Boxes

Luxury packaging for style and quality

Once you've chosen the key components of your luxury gift boxes, you can deliver that extra special packaging with our added features, including Hot Foil, Spot UV and perfectly structured inserts. We offer fast turnaround times without compromising quality so we can ensure your order arrives quickly, and should you need it even more rapidly with our express delivery service, helping to ensure that you have the best quality custom gift boxes where and when you need them.

Suppose you’re looking for a custom luxury box for a trade show, exhibition or event. In that case, we will work with you to produce a gift box that genuinely stands out from the crowd and ensures that attendees leave with a gift they value, with packaging as beautiful as the product inside and boxes that can be reused repeatedly.

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Customer Logos

Customer Stories

  • In the world of luxury, every detail matters. Here at, we take pride in turning our customers' dreams into reality. This is how we partnered with one of our valued customers to create a bespoke masterpiece that left an indelible mark.

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    Your expertise, attention to detail and outstanding service made our packaging dreams come true. We are thrilled with the results and our pieces look so beautiful housed in these elegant boxes.
  • Creating a memorable first impression is essential in premium home fragrances. That's why when a distinguished home fragrance brand, known for its exquisite scents approached us, we knew we had a unique opportunity to make their packaging as exceptional as their products.

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    Thank you for the absolutely stunning boxes you supplied us. We can now sell our products at a higher premium which covers the cost of the boxes and leaves room for additional margin!
  • A bottle's packaging is more than just a container; it embodies the brand's legacy and craftsmanship. When a renowned premium spirits brand known for its exceptional gins approached us, we recognized an extraordinary opportunity to create packaging as exceptional as their libations.

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    Our customers quickly noticed & applauded us on our exquisite packaging which has undoubtedly enhanced the value of our gin. The boxes have really helped in elevating our brand to new heights.
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